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Betting Tip Premier League Manchester United vs. Burnley

The Premier League is back, and we got two contestants waiting to play in the Old Trafford. Manchester United is the host for the upcoming game and needs a three-pointer in order to stay competitive in the race for the Champions League places. Burnley is far away from that kind of action and is racing […more]

Betting Tip Premier League Manchester United vs. Arsenal London

Manchester United is clashing with Arsenal in the Premier League. Who would have thought that Arsenal is only in 12th place? The team is wondering about the same thing and is trying to improve its current situation. Manchester United is, meanwhile, in 5th place. The guest team is the fancied team in our betting tip. […more]

Betting Tip Premier League Leicester City vs. Liverpool FC

Liverpool is going on the road on their way to Leicester. Even though the teams are in first and second place there is still a huge gap between them. Meaning, 10 points are a lot up there in the standings. Liverpool is since gameday two in the first place and will most likely be up […more]

Betting Tip Premier League Manchester City vs. Manchester United

The two city rivals from Manchester go head to head for the top match in the Premier League on Saturday evening in the Etihad Stadium. Manchester City is threatened to lose touch with the championship front runners while United needs points in the race for an international spot in the table. Pep Guardiola’s team is favoured […more]

Betting Tip Premier League Liverpool FC vs. Everton FC

The Merseyside Derby is about to go down and this match-up brings back a lot of memories. 250 games were played in total until now and Liverpool won with roughly 20 games more. However, these stats are no longer relevant since the first game can be dated back to 1984 and this is no longer […more]

Betting Tip Premier League Manchester City vs. Chelsea FC

The Premier League is back at it again with a game between Manchester City and Chelsea FC. City suffered two losses in the last five matches. Chelsea, on the other hand, has six wins in a row. The bookmakers provide clear odds, but we want to take a different path in our betting tip. The […more]

Betting Tip Premier League Liverpool FC vs. Tottenham Hotspur

Liverpool FC and Juergen Klopp are dominating the Premier League. And they are leading for a reason. The Reds are undefeated since nine-game days and are the clear favorite in comparison with the Spurs. Tottenham is still having problems and does not get back into shape. For us, we bet on a win of the […more]

Betting Tip Premier League Arsenal London vs. Tottenham Hotspur

One of the best things about the Premier League is that there are many top teams who clash on a regular basis. Therefore, at least one top duel is always going down. This time we can prepare ourselves for the match between Arsenal London and Tottenham Hotspur. Both teams have started with a win into […more]

Betting Tip Premier League Liverpool FC vs. Arsenal FC

The Premier League is full of big names and this weekend there is another big boy battle coming up. Liverpool and Arsenal are clashing this weekend and even though both teams are with six points in total at the top of the standings, the Reds are the clear favorite team according to the oddsmakers. We […more]