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Betting Tip Premier League Tottenham Hotspur vs. Leicester City

The Premier League is finishing strong and we are expecting interesting games during the final stretch. Tottenham wants to secure a position in the international places and Leicester wants to go to the Champions League next year. Both teams have had an amazing season, but Leicester surely has done a surprisingly good job. In our […more]

Betting Tip Premier League Everton FC vs. Southampton FC

The Bundesliga is over, and all decisions are made. But the ball is still rolling in other parts of Europe. For example in England: The Premier League is on their final stretch and wants to provide you interesting matches while you wait for the Champions League and Europa League to continue as the next big […more]

Betting Tip Premier League Everton FC vs. Liverpool FC

Liverpool has basically claimed the title for themselves already. They are now 22 points ahead of Manchester City in the Premier League. With the remaining 9 games, City could possibly catch up to them but that is not likely at all. Liverpool still wants to finish strong and will get the W in the upcoming […more]

Betting Tip Premier League West Ham United vs. Liverpool FC

The Premier League is treating us with a usual game. Liverpool and West Ham had to delay their duel due to unexpected circumstances. The game is now rescheduled for the 29th of January at 8:45 PM in the Olympic stadium of London. In our betting tip, we can only assume that Liverpool will win with […more]

Betting Tip Premier League Manchester United vs. Burnley

The Premier League is back, and we got two contestants waiting to play in the Old Trafford. Manchester United is the host for the upcoming game and needs a three-pointer in order to stay competitive in the race for the Champions League places. Burnley is far away from that kind of action and is racing […more]

Betting Tip Premier League Manchester City vs. Leicester City

The first half of the Premier League season is coming to an end. Manchester City welcomes their immediate competitor from Leicester City for the fight over the second place in the first English division. The “Foxes” set the best defense in the Premier League while they meet the most dangerous offense in the league at the […more]

Betting Tip Premier League Manchester City vs. Chelsea FC

The Premier League is back at it again with a game between Manchester City and Chelsea FC. City suffered two losses in the last five matches. Chelsea, on the other hand, has six wins in a row. The bookmakers provide clear odds, but we want to take a different path in our betting tip. The […more]

Betting Tip Premier League Liverpool FC vs. Manchester City

Two big boys are meeting up in the upcoming clash of the Premier League. Their football playing style is good and what is interesting is that both play styles are completely different. However, both teams are on eye-level and their stats are almost identical. But what we need to consider is that the Reds are […more]

Betting Tip Premier League Manchester United vs. Chelsea FC

The start of the new season is going down with Manchester United and Chelsea FC. What a game to begin with. The Blues are the clear underdog according to the odds even though they have a higher combined market value. The odds reach up to 3.70. In our betting tip, we expect a game on […more]