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Betting Tip NFL San Francisco 49ers vs. Green Bay Packers

The Championship game is about to go down. Green Bay is facing the San Francisco 49ers in an intense match. The 49ers had a really good performance against the Vikings and showed that the bye-week gave them strength. The Packers finished 2nd in the regular season and also enjoyed a bye week. Both contestants are […more]

Betting Tip NFL Seattle Seahawks vs. San Francisco 49ers

The regular season is about to end in the NFL and it is more intense then we could have imagined. The Seattle Seahawks are clashing with the San Francisco 49ers. The winner of this game wins the division and could get a bye week. The loser is only in 5th place and has no home […more]

Betting Tip NFL Dallas Cowboys vs. Los Angeles Rams

The critical phase of the NFL has started and we got an important match-up for two teams of the NFC. The Los Angeles Rams are making their way to Dallas to compete in an interesting game. The Dallas Cowboys are in the Playoff Picture right now and the Rams are not despite having two wins […more]

Betting Tip NFL New England Patriots vs. Kansas City Chiefs

The NFL is getting into the final stretch of the regular season and Brady and Co are taking on Mahomes and his Chiefs. The Pats are doing great and have a record of 10:2. Their counterpart is slightly worse with a record of 8:4. The 4th best offense from Kansas City is clashing with the […more]

Betting Tip NFL Baltimore Ravens vs. San Francisco 49ers

Two big winners of the last week are now meeting each other. The Ravens are currently having a record of 9:2 and the 49ers are doing even better with a record of 10:1. However, the Ravens dismantled the Rams last week and are unstoppable. In our betting tip, we expect a win of the home […more]

Betting Tip NFL Los Angeles Rams vs. Baltimore Ravens

The regular season is getting to the hot and important phase and we want to take a closer look at the Rams vs. Ravens game. Lamar Jackson and his Ravens defeated the Texans easily last week. On the other hand, we got the Rams who defeated the Bears with ease. In our betting tip, we […more]

Betting Tip NFL San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks

Dear Football Fans prepare yourself for an interesting divisional match-up of the NFC West. San Francisco is the surprise team of the year and is leading the NFC West. The trailing team from Seattle has only one win less and wants to finish the division as the first team. If their up and down performance […more]

Betting Tip NFL Seattle Seahawks vs. Baltimore Ravens

We can look forward to what is going to go down this weekend. The Seahawks are expecting the Ravens. Wilson is doing his job and is amazing on the field. Therefore, the oddsmaker favor Seattle. In addition to that, the secondary is too weak and will make a difference in this game. Unfortunately for fans […more]

Betting Tip NFL Chicago Bears vs. Minnesota Vikings

The NFL is back and we can be excited for a derby in the NFC North. The Minnesota Vikings are taking on the Chicago Bears. In week 4 of the season, we can only guess how the season develops. Nevertheless, with the loss of Green Bay last Thursday. The Bears and Vikings are smelling their […more]

Betting Tip NFL LA Rams vs. New Orleans Saints

The first home game of the Rams is going to be really intense. The rematch of the NFC Championship Game will be the highlight of week two in the NFL. Both teams started with a close win into the season and we expect an amazing match-up of these two teams. In our betting tip, we […more]