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Betting Tip Premier League FC Chelsea – Manchester City

The championship in the Premier League seems to be decided. Manchester City will not be able to reach Liverpool anymore. Now they are on their way to London in order to defend the second place. Chelsea could enlarge its lead to the pursuers. We see City slightly ahead in our Betting Tip. Chelsea stays on […more]

Betting Tip Premier League Manchester United – Sheffield United

The top three in the Premier League are probably too far away for Manchester United. Besides that, the qualification for the Champions League is still possible. Sheffield United in the hunt for an Europa League spot and is right behind the Red Devils. Betting Tip: United will be the fancied team in Old Trafford and […more]

Betting Tip Premier League Manchester United vs. Arsenal London

Manchester United is clashing with Arsenal in the Premier League. Who would have thought that Arsenal is only in 12th place? The team is wondering about the same thing and is trying to improve its current situation. Manchester United is, meanwhile, in 5th place. The guest team is the fancied team in our betting tip. […more]

Betting Tip Premier League Chelsea FC vs. Liverpool FC

Two teams who suffered in the Champions League are now meeting back in the Premier League. Chelsea is expecting the current leader of the Premier League, Liverpool, at home at the Stamford Bridge. The oddsmakers suggest a win of Liverpool but we do not want to underestimate Chelsea and expect a draw in our betting […more]

Betting Tip Premier League Arsenal London vs. Tottenham Hotspur

One of the best things about the Premier League is that there are many top teams who clash on a regular basis. Therefore, at least one top duel is always going down. This time we can prepare ourselves for the match between Arsenal London and Tottenham Hotspur. Both teams have started with a win into […more]

Betting Tip Premier League Liverpool FC vs. Arsenal FC

The Premier League is full of big names and this weekend there is another big boy battle coming up. Liverpool and Arsenal are clashing this weekend and even though both teams are with six points in total at the top of the standings, the Reds are the clear favorite team according to the oddsmakers. We […more]

Betting Tip Long Term Premier League Preview

Alright let us take a look into one of the best football leagues in the world: The Premier League. The strongest season is full of big names and huge potential. Every year it is exciting to see who will win the race for the title. But in order to give you a quick overview and […more]

Betting Tip Premier League Liverpool FC vs. Chelsea FC

The Premier League is preparing a real treat for us. The final phase of the season has started, and Liverpool needs to play well in order to take home the big trophy. But Chelsea is not an easy opponent. This will be an intense fight and a good clash. Good odds will lead to the […more]

Betting Tip Premier League Manchester United vs. Liverpool FC

The next clash in the Premier League is taking place on Sunday and two top teams are facing each other. Manchester United is playing against Liverpool and both desperately need a three pointer. In our betting tip, we expect Liverpool to win. However, we can look forward to an amazing game. Manchester United is climbing […more]

Betting Tip Premier League Manchester City vs. Chelsea FC

Next up is Manchester City and Chelsea FC who are clashing in the Premier League on Sunday at 5 PM CET. No doubt, this is going to be an interesting game. The team of Pep Guardiola is currently in 1st place with a total of 62 points. Chelsea, on the other hand, is trailing the […more]