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Betting Tip World Cup 2018 Croatia vs. France

Two outstanding teams have been able to keep their mental strength on their road to the final. Now they meet each other in the grand finale. On the one side are the young and fast players from France waiting. Their opponents: the tireless Croats. In the betting tip, the odds comparison gives a clear role […more]

Betting Tip World Cup 2018 Belgium vs. England

One day before the great final of the World Cup 2018, the match for the third place is happening. Belgium as well as England lost in the semifinals and are once again meeting each other in the World Cup. The last face off ended in favor of Belgium but the rumors are big saying that […more]

Betting Tip World Cup 2018 Croatia vs. England

Ladies and gentlemen, a fine semi-final between England and Croatia is about to happen! Even in the preliminary round, the Croats became a hot candidate regarding the title. Nevertheless, they have played in overtime two times and had to defeat their opponents in the penalty shootout. Is it enough to win against the Three Lions? […more]

Betting Tip World Cup 2018 France vs. Belgium

Now, the knockout matches are coming into the hot phase. The four best teams of the world are still in the race and each has deserved the title in their own way. France will face Belgium in the first semi-final. Two teams that have already knocked out some fancied team on their way up. Now […more]

Betting Tip World Cup 2018 Russia vs. Croatia

Host Russia is still part of the World Cup 2018 – who would have thought about that? The Russians will face Croatia in the quarter-finals on Saturday. However, Croatia is still one of the surprising teams in the tournament, they still perform incredible good. Therefore, we bet on a victory of Croatia. The match will […more]

Betting Tip World Cup 2018 Brazil vs. Belgium

At the World Cup, things are about to go down: The quarter-finals are just around the corner. The upcoming clash is between two big teams: Brazil and Belgium. Both teams struggled in the round of 16. In the betting tip, we expect a close game, but we still see Belgium slightly in the lead. The […more]

Betting Tip World Cup 2018 Columbia vs. England

The upcoming clash is going to determine who will be the last team of the quarterfinals. We can expect a really interesting match-up. Columbia started with a loss into the tournament but is now really doing well and is a tough team to play against. The team from England obviously did not want to be […more]

Betting Tip World Cup 2018 Belgium vs. Japan

Welcome to the knockout rounds. Belgium is playing with confidence and will now take on Japan. The country from Asia managed to reach the knockout rounds even though they lost their last group stage game. By considering the odds, we can clearly see who is the fancied team. Considering the fact that both teams have […more]

Betting Tip World Cup 2018 Croatia vs. Denmark

And again, one of the surprising teams is in the hole. Croatia is expecting Denmark. The team around Croatia already demonstrated their strength in the Group D and managed to finish first with three consecutive wins of three group games. Denmark already had difficulties in their group and was the runner-up of Group C in […more]

Betting Tip World Cup 2018 England vs. Belgium

The Group G is coming to an end as well and the highlight is still coming. England, as well as Belgium, are both qualified for the knockout round but only the winner will be in first place. Both teams are known for their offense and Lukaku as well as Kane are top offensive players. Unfortunately, […more]