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Betting Tip UEFA Euro 2020 Qualifying Germany vs. Northern Ireland

Many fans are already excited about the Euro 2020 Cup. The qualification for this is coming to an end and the last games are during this week. Germany already qualified for the tournament but their upcoming opponent from Northern Ireland has to wait for the spring of next year in order to secure a ticket […more]

Betting Tip UEFA Euro 2020 Qualifying Germany vs. Belarus

The year is about to end, and the last international break of this year is about to start. If Germany wants to be a part of the next Europe Cup, they need to win the upcoming match against Belarus. Germany’s injury list is pretty long but a three-pointer is necessary. In our betting tip, we […more]

Betting Tip UEFA Euro 2020 Qualifiers Estonia vs. Germany

If Germany wants to get a ticket for the European Cup a win is a must. Well, this is nothing new, but we still guess that they want to get a safe win. Therefore, many goals will be scored by Germany in our betting tip. A handicap win for Germany is expected. The first leg […more]

Betting Tip UEFA Euro 2020 Qualifying Germany vs. Netherlands

The international game day break is full of events. In the qualification, the newly formed team from Germany is expecting their neighbors from the West, the Netherlands at home. Until now, Germany has done an outstanding job of catching themselves after the quick downfall in the World Cup elimination of 2018. They are undefeated until […more]

Betting Tip UEFA Euro 2020 Qualifying Germany vs. Estonia

Champions League and the national leagues are just over but the football is not done yet. The qualification for the Europa Cup is happening and Germany is facing a few little obstacles. Well, impressive was the win over the Netherlands and the opponent on the 8th is called Belarus. Up next, however, is Estonia. At […more]

Betting Tip UEFA Euro 2020 Qualifying Belarus vs. Germany

The summer break is all across Europe, but the Europe Cup qualification is currently going down. Germany is facing Belarus in a fight in which the two cannot be more different. Germany is currently changing things up but is like always strong no matter who is on the pitch. In our betting tip, it is […more]

Betting Tip UEFA Euro 2020 Qualifying Netherlands vs. Germany

This Sunday, it is going to get serious. No more playing and fooling around. Germany just had some major problems with different positions and need to find a new line. The Netherlands are already done with this kind of changes and we will expect a good fight. However, in our betting tip, we expect a […more]