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Betting Tip NFL Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions

Detroit has a tough schedule, the NFC North is hard, and the Lions are usually not the winner or the runner up of the group and are, therefore, the loser the last couple of years. This year, most things are the same, such as a strong NFC North and difficult opponents on a weekly basis. […more]

Betting Tip NFL Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers

This week, there is another face-off of two interesting opponents. One of which are the Dallas Cowboys. They are coming in hot and are, like the Packers, currently with 3 wins and 1 loss. They are one of the few teams with that good of a record and are both leading their divisions. However, in […more]

Betting Tip NFL LA Rams vs. New Orleans Saints

The first home game of the Rams is going to be really intense. The rematch of the NFC Championship Game will be the highlight of week two in the NFL. Both teams started with a close win into the season and we expect an amazing match-up of these two teams. In our betting tip, we […more]

Betting Tip NFL Oakland Raiders vs. Denver Broncos

The dispute of Antonio Brown has finally come to an end. Antonio Brown had issues with the Raiders and finally got transferred o the Patriots. This problem has raised major issues in the team of Carr and Co. In our betting tip, we expect the Raiders to lack the final focus and expect a win […more]

Betting Tip NFL Carolina Panthers vs. Los Angeles Rams

The anticipation is big. The first game day has already started with the Packers and the Bears. However, a real treat is coming up already. The Panthers are taking on the Rams. The team of McVay is doing well already and have a lot of potential in their squad. Especially QB Goff is still hungry […more]

Betting Tip NFL Preview and Odds Comparison

The Preseason is over! And now we just have to wait one week until the first game day starts. It starts with a game between the rivals of the NFC North, Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears. The week is going to be tough for many fans since the anticipation could not be bigger. It […more]

Betting Tip NFL Denver Broncos vs. San Francisco 49ers

It is time for American Football. The preseason has already started, and we are currently in week 2. All the teams have done their first game. Next up is a clash of two teams who want to achieve more than they did last year. The 49ers had major problems last season due to injuries and […more]

Betting Tip NFL Cleveland Browns vs. Washington Redskins

Who is ready for the upcoming American Football season? I bet a lot of you are. Surely, the preseason is similar to the friendlies in football, but they can also pave the road of where it is going to go for a team during the regular season. Nevertheless, we will now take a closer look […more]

Betting Tip NFL Green Bay Packers vs. New England Patriots

Brady vs. Rodgers! An intense game is coming up in the NFL on Sunday. Both teams need a win in order to stay up top in their divisions. New England is currently with six wins and two losses pretty good so far, even though there is still a lot to work on. Green Bay, on […more]