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Betting Tip Friendly Match Germany vs. Argentina

The European leagues in football have started out well and interestingly but now some players can get a break while others have to compete for the international teams. Next up is a rematch of the final of 2014. Fans from Argentina and Germany still remember that night that wrote history. Back then, Germany managed to […more]

Betting Tip Friendly Match Liverpool FC vs. SSC Napoli

SSC Napoli is now facing Liverpool on the Anfield Road. After a mixed start, Naples could catch themselves a bit in the second game of preparation. Liverpool, on the other hand, has not yet regained its top form. In the last two friendlies of the Reds, they also come home empty. Nevertheless, we expect an […more]

Betting Tip Friendly Match FC Barcelona vs. Chelsea FC

Surely, every football fan is thrilled when thinking of a good match-up in the preparation phase of the new season. Luckily, we can look forward to the upcoming game between FC Barcelona and FC Chelsea. The Blues, on the one hand, let Hazard go, Barca, on the other hand, traded some good players and is […more]

Betting Tip Friendly Match PSV Eindhoven vs. VfL Wolfsburg

Not only the teams from the Bundesliga but also teams from all around Europe are in the preparation phase. Wolfsburg is facing a Dutch team of the Eredivisie for the second time now and this time they will play against PSV Eindhoven. In our betting tip, we expect a win of PSV due to the […more]

Betting Tip Friendly Match Glasgow Rangers vs. Olympique Marseille

The preparation phase is a great opportunity for teams to clash who usually have not often competed against each other. Glasgow’s preparation is going quite well so far. Marseille lost their start into the preparation phase with 2:1. In a direct clash, both now have the opportunity to test some things out and meet new […more]

Betting Tip Friendly Match RB Leipzig vs. FC Zurich

RB Leipzig has now started into their preparation for the next season. This Friday, Nagelsmann and his team are expecting Zurich in an international friendly. In our betting tip, we expect a win of the team from the Bundesliga in the game against the guests from the south. The game will start on Friday at […more]

Betting Tip Friendly Match Union Berlin vs. Bröndby IF

Union Berlin managed to beat Stuttgart in an interesting match. Next season they will be competing with Bayern Munich, Leipzig, and Dortmund. However, in a friendly, Union is facing Bröndy IF. The team from Denmark also had a great season behind them and is the slight fancied team in our betting tip. Union with good […more]

Betting Tip Friendly Match Homburg vs. Eintracht Frankfurt

Eintracht Frankfurt and Homburg both have done an incredible season. Unfortunately, none of them were doing the best they imagined and had to lower the bar of expectations. Nevertheless, these two teams are now clinching in a friendly in order to test some things out. In our betting tip, we do not want to bet […more]

Betting Tip Friendly Match Huddersfield Town vs. RB Leipzig

Between the Qualifiers of the UEFA Europe League the team from RB Leipzig will meet the Premier League team from Huddersfield Town in an interesting testing match. The opponent from Huddersfield played a good season in the Premier League, they reached the staying in the league. In our betting tip the team from Huddersfield with […more]

Betting Tip Friendly Match Istanbul Basaksehir vs. Bayer Leverkusen

Even though the season 2017/18 is now history, all teams have to prepare themselves for the new year. Istanbul Basakeshir can look back to an impressive season since they finished 3rd. Just like their opponents from Leverkusen who can’t complain either after finishing 5th in the standings. Nevertheless, in our betting tip, we expect the […more]