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Betting Tip NBA Golden State Warriors vs. Toronto Raptors

Game one and game two are history of the NBA final. After starting extremely well into the matchup for Toronto, Golden State managed to win the 2nd clash. The next game will be the first home game for Golden State after having played on Raptors court two times. The home court advantage will lead to […more]

Betting Tip NBA Los Angeles Lakers vs. Chicago Bulls

Without Lebron James, the Lakers are not getting started this season. However, a win against the Bulls should be possible without the King. In our betting tip, we expect a win of Los Angeles. Not only because Chicago has the worst offense of the NBA. The game will take place on the night of Tuesday […more]

Betting Tip NBA Golden State Warriors vs. Sacramento Kings

Currently, the former enthusiasm and dominance are missing in the team of the GSW. Therefore, they had to give up the top seed in the west. However, their opponent, Sacramento, knows how to play with their cards and surprised many critics. They can really make a change in this years NBA season and also in […more]

Betting Tip NBA Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Los Angeles Lakers

Lebron James is excited to meet his old team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. The star is now part of the Lakers franchise and is considered the biggest transfer for this year. It was clear that Cleveland cannot achieve the same results as last year, but surely no one expected them to be in last place of […more]

Betting Tip NBA Golden State Warriors vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

Finally, it is back! The new NBA season is in the starting blocks and the matchup between Golden State and OKC is going to be an amazing first game. You may be curious to see how the teams present themselves at the beginning of the season. In the betting tip, there is definitely a clear […more]

Betting Tip NBA Portland Trail Blazers vs. Houston Rockets

The regular season is coming to an end and we can still expect a highlight. Lillard and his Trail Blazers are in excellent shape and show how strong they can be. Their opponents are the team from Houston. The #1 seed might be the fancied team but in our betting tip we can still expect […more]

Betting Tip NBA Atlanta Hawks vs. Minnesota Timberwolves

The upcoming clash is featuring two teams with different goals. Atlanta is at the far bottom of the league, whereas, Minnesota is one of the top teams of the NBA this year. The Wolves are also fighting for the home field advantage in the Western Conference. In the betting tip we can only think of […more]

Betting Tip NBA Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

The first third of the season is done. This game is a rewind of last years final which will come with a lot of intense plays and two highly motivated teams. Lebron was playing with his Cavs extremely well lately. On the other hand, Golden State had to miss out on frontiersman Curry. In our […more]

Betting Tip NBA Golden State Warriors vs. Sacramento Kings

By looking at the odds of the upcoming game Golden State against Sacramento Kings the winner is already decided. The Warriors are playing at home and are the clear favorites. Curry and his fellow teammates are leading several stats of the NBA. The Kings were only able to win five games in the whole season. […more]

Betting Tip NBA Dallas Mavericks vs. San Antonio Spurs

The next NBA match is featuring Nowitzkis Dallas Mavericks and the San Antonio Spurs. The Dallas Mavericks have had a difficult season so far. Nowitzki has a German rookie along on his side. He has to lead his team through the season. On the other side of the court are staying the Spurs who have […more]