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Betting Tip World Cup 2018 Russia vs. Saudi Arabia

Get ready to rumble! The World Cup is right around the corner and you can already feel the fever coming up. The opener of the tournament is a game between Russia and Saudi Arabia. Even though the host is not the fancied team considering the title they can still make the knockout phase. Nevertheless, in our betting tip, we expect a draw. A fair value profit is available.

In our betting tip, we expect a close game which will end in a draw.

Russia as the fancied team according to the oddsmaker – Value Profit available

The first game of the biggest tournament of the World is about to start but Russia had not the best preparation till now. None of the last seven friendlies were won. In addition to that, Kokorin had a major injury and will not be part of the World Cup. Other than him, none of the players are known as real stars. Only Dzagoev, who already turned 27, is known around the world. Nevertheless, Golovin and Smolov could make a difference if the youngsters are able to show what they are made off. The pressure increased further and reached a peak now. Russia is for the first time the fancied team and it is questionable whether they know how to handle this. In our betting tip, we expect a draw.

Saudi Arabia wants to make a difference – Draw in the betting tip

Saudi Arabia is one of the underdogs of the whole World Cup. Nevertheless, this can be taken positively as well. The well-done qualification is a ray of hope. Even though none of the players are the top elite of the football nation but they are acting as a team. Frontiersman AL Sahlawi is currently 31 years old and the best scorer of the qualification of Asia. He scored 16 goals in 13 games. In addition to that, the friendlies against Greece and Algeria ended well and showed that they know how to handle the big boys. Moreover, they lost against Germany and Italy with only one goal difference. In our betting tip, we expect a draw.

Betting Tip Russia vs. Saudi Arabia

Even though Russia had major difficulties in the preparation they are still the fancied team according to the oddsmaker. A win could pay out between 1.38 and 1.47. Saudi Arabia is the underdog with odds reaching from 7.80 and 10.35 including a value profit of 10.16%. In case of a draw, the odds are varying from 4.00 to 4.80. This result comes with a value profit of 8.36%. In our betting tip, we expect a draw.

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