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Betting Tip World Cup 2018 Croatia vs. France

Two outstanding teams have been able to keep their mental strength on their road to the final. Now they meet each other in the grand finale. On the one side are the young and fast players from France waiting. Their opponents: the tireless Croats. In the betting tip, the odds comparison gives a clear role distribution. Nevertheless, we want to take advantage of the high odds of the Croats and bet on a win of them.

In our betting tip, we expect a win of Croatia.

Croatia played in every KO game the full 120 minutes – Is there a chance in the betting tip?

What the Croats did in the tournament so far was a great achievement. The team around the terrific midfielder Rakitic and Modric celebrated in the group stage world-class. After that, however, it went in every knockout game over the full 120 minutes. On the one hand, it shows the qualities of the Croats, while on the other hand, the players might be tired. However, France should be warned, because: If you manage to come back three times over the full 120 minutes, you are a difficult and dangerous opponent. In a tournament like the World Cup it is all about the team as a unit and with that, we expect the surprise win in the betting tip.

France the fancied team according to the oddsmakers

The French managed to end every knockout game before the extra time started. In their last game against Belgium, the Equipe Tricolore were able to shoot a goal and then defended perfectly.
in addition to that, goalkeeper Lloris did not have to reach behind him since two consecutive games. Once again, this underlines the unbelievable class of the French. Everyone in the offense is able to score a goal and everyone in the defense knows what their work is. But, in the end, the Croats should never be underestimated, and minor details can cause the French to fall. Due to the high odds, we recommend a win of the underdog.

Betting Tip Croatia vs. France

A game on eye-level even though the oddsmakers think differently. A win of France will be rewarded with odds between 1.85 and 2.00. The odds of underdog Croatia are reaching from 4.20 to 5.10. A draw after 90 minutes will pay out between 3.10 and 3.30. In our betting tip, we believe that in a game like this, everything can happen. Therefore, we would go with the high odds of a win of Croatia in our betting tip.

Here you can find the odds Croatia vs. France.