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Betting Tip World Cup 2018 Belgium vs. Japan

Welcome to the knockout rounds. Belgium is playing with confidence and will now take on Japan. The country from Asia managed to reach the knockout rounds even though they lost their last group stage game. By considering the odds, we can clearly see who is the fancied team. Considering the fact that both teams have a good offense, we would bet on a win of more than 2.5 goals in our betting tip.

In our betting tip, we expect a game with at least three goals.

Belgium in top-performance – Fancied team

Belgium is known for their top-performance! This can also be seen in the statistics. With a total of 22 goals on target, they lead the stats. Another interesting fact for many experts and fans is ‘expected goals’. Regarding this, Belgium is also leading the 32 nations at this point with a total of 8.49. For comparison: The second-best team only has 6.62. Surely, Belgium has also scored the most goals. In addition to that, Belgium managed to let many players rest the last game day. Moreover, 3.6 goals were scored on average in their games. Therefore, we expect a game with at least 2.5 goals.

Japan another surprising team – No chance according to the oddsmaker

The group stage is over, that means the excitement is increasing. Belgium is one of the hardest teams to play against this year. Their offense is extremely strong, and Japan’s defense is not flawless. But, Japan also knows how to score goals. Four goals in total and 2.6 goals on average when Japan played in the group stage. Therefore, we expect a game with at least 2.5 goals.

Betting Tip Belgium vs. Japan

We would strongly suggest a game with at least three goals. The odds in favor of this betting tip is reaching from 1.80 to 2.01. In case of a game with no more than two goals, the odds are between 1.80 and 1.95. In our betting tip, we expect a high-scoring game with at least three goals in total.

Here you can find the odds Belgium vs. Japan.