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Betting Tip Serie A Preview 38 Matchday

The Bundesliga and the Premier League are long over and now the Serie A is also coming to an end. The last game day in the hard-hit country from the Coronavirus has their last matchday this weekend. A few things are still not settled, whereas other things are already done with. We will take a closer look at the important games and give you a quick betting tip in each of the important games.

Juventus wins it again! Interesting games still to come.

Juventus wins the Serie A – Interesting game waits for us

After an interesting season, Juventus managed to pull off the victory in the end. With a total of 83 points out of 37 games, they are uncatchable for pursuer Inter Milan who have 79 points. Nevertheless, they still have an interesting game ahead of them. They are facing Roma who is currently in 5th place and will stay there no matter what happens. This game, however, is about prestige and will power. The odds are tempting for a win of the winner Juve. Indeed, they are even higher than their opponent from Roma. Therefore, we go with the winner of the Serie A of 2019/20 in our betting tip. Bergamo is facing Inter in the battle for the 2nd place. A win would enable them each to be the runner-up. However, a draw could help Inter become 2nd but if Lazio wins, the former Cup winner could end up 2nd. Both teams have each reached 11 points in their last five games without a loss. Therefore, we bet on a draw in the betting tip.

Lecce does not want to go back down again – Genoa could relegate

After having talked about the winners of the season we now want to look at the teams at the bottom of the league. Ferrara has done an awful job and will now play their last game in Serie A for quite some time. The two teams who were promoted last season in the Serie A might relegate back down into the 2nd league. On the one hand, Brescia has no chance of staying in Serie A but, on the other hand, Lecce still has a valid chance. They are standing with 35 points in 18th place of the league and only need a win and Genoa to lose or get a draw in the next matchday to hold the league. The odds in the game against Parma are up to 1.62. However, Genoa still has a word in this and could help themselves. Odds up to 1.58 are waiting. We expect Lecce and Genoa to pull off the win.

Betting Tip Serie A

After careful consideration, we have provided you with a betting tip in each game. Here you can find the odds for each game:
Juventus vs. Roma
Bergamo vs. Inter
Lecce vs. Parma
Genoa vs. Hellas