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Betting Tip Premier League Tottenham Hotspur vs. Manchester United

In England is a stunning event coming up. Two top teams, only eight points apart are clashing. Tottenham and Manchester United are both in the top 5 and it is hard to determine which team is more motivated to win the upcoming game. In our betting tip we expect the guests to win since they are in excellent shape. Even though the odds are speaking in favor of Tottenham. The game clock will start running at 9 pm CET in the Wembley-Stadium.

Betting Tip: Win of the Red Devils.

Tottenham only with a draw in the latest game – Underdog in the betting tip

The Spurs had an incredible good start into this season. They were capable of securing a spot at the top of the ranking rather quickly and many opponents were unable to crack open the strong defense. The latest record of the last five games is inconsistent. Two wins, two ties and even a loss is the result of the last games. Okay, the defeat was against no other than the flawless team of Manchester City, but the draw against Southampton was not expected. During the first half of the game against Southampton, the Spurs were 0:1 behind. The equalizer in the second half was the least they could have done. Next up is a tough opponent who is also the fancied team in our betting tip.

Manchester in great shape – Value-profit available

The team of ManU is in even better shape than their opponents. Eleven points out of their latest five games is astonishing. In addition to that, three consecutive wins is a streak you do not want to lose. Even though their direct rivals, Manchester City, seem to far away, United can be more than satisfied. The latest additions to the team seem to fit right in and already work together as a team. Moreover, Alexis Sanchez who is supposed to increase the chances in front of the goal is not only known for his solid shot but also because of his one-of-a-kind dribbling skills. Another statistic to keep in mind is that ManU only lost twice by only considering away games. Therefore, we expect them to win.

Betting Tip Tottenham vs. Manchester United

A must-see game is favoring two extremely close teams. The odds do not mirror our betting tip. Tottenham is the fancied team according to the oddsmaker with odds reaching from 2.12 to 2.39. In case both teams happen to share the points, odds between 2.95 and 3.38 are available. In our betting tip we expect the guests from Manchester to win and this would pay out between 2.94 and 3.65. Another crucial point to mention is that there is a value-profit of 8.88% available.

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