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Betting Tip Premier League Everton FC vs. Manchester United

The Premier League does not allow the players to rest. On the first day of January, Everton is expecting Manchester United in Liverpool. Due to the fact that both teams drew their games during Christmas we expect a tie in the upcoming clash in our betting tip. Value profit in the best betting odds available.

We expect a draw in the betting tip.

Everton undefeated since seven consecutive games – Value profit available

The Toffees found their path in order to stay competitive in the Premier League. After the weak start of the season the team of coach Allardyce is now undefeated since seven games. Best player on their team is frontiersman Rooney. The 32 year old scored already ten times out of 16 games. But, three out of five games ended in a draw. Moreover, Everton collects 0.10 points more at home compared to the Red Devils in away games. In addition to that, Everton is undefeated since five Premier League games on home court. In our betting tip we expect a draw.

Manchester United drew their last two games – Value profit available

The incredible good start experienced some struggle when the Red Devils only won two out of five league games. Nevertheless, coach Mourinho wants a win so badly since the last two games ended in a tie. Unfortunately, their away games are not working as planned and the points scored on average are only 1,80 per game. Important to mention is also, that three out of their last four match-ups ended in a draw as well. Therefore, we can only think of a tie in the upcoming clash of Everton and Manchester United. An interesting fact is that there is a value profit available.

Betting tip Everton vs. Manchester United

Manchester United is with odds reaching from 1.64 to 1.82 the clear favorite by the odds-maker. Everton is with betting odds reaching from 4.20 to 5.50 only the underdog but there is a value profit of 6.24% in the betting tip. In case the game ends in a draw, odds reaching from 3.30 to 4.00 and a value profit of 3.07% can be found. Our betting tip: Due to the fact that both teams drew their latest two games and three out their last four direct match-ups ended in a tie as well we bet that both teams take home one point.

Here you can find the odds Everton vs. Manchester United.