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Betting Tip Premier League Chelsea FC vs. Liverpool FC

Incredibly exciting constellation on Stamford Bridge. Only a few days ago, both teams fought in the League Cup, where Chelsea claimed the victory for themselves. In the Premier League this clash is going to be a big game, because both are among the top three. In the betting tip we expect Liverpool FC to win.

In the betting tip, we expect a win of Liverpool in the DNB option.

Chelsea with a latest win against the Reds – DNB option in the betting tip

What Eden Hazard pulled out of his sleeve just before the end and how he found his way through the defense was outstanding. Nevertheless, Chelsea has to compete again with the Reds a couple of days after the successful comeback and if they are still able to win again remains questionable. In the league, both teams are currently on equal terms and are among the top 3 in the league. So far, the blues had more opponents from the lower table region. In our opinion, Liverpool has a better standing in the league comparison. Nevertheless, we play it safe with a DNB option.

Liverpool with perfect league start – DNB option in betting tip

Juergen Klopp and his players are fully on course this year. With seven wins out of seven games, Liverpool FC are leading the league confidently. The goal difference of 14:2 is phenomenal and unlike last year, the Reds seem to have learned something. Although the Reds recently lost to Chelsea it became clear that Liverpool would have won the game in the match. In the betting tip, we see the Reds very thinly favored, but we will still favor the DNB option.

Betting Tip Chelsea vs. Liverpool

Chelsea FC starts at Stamford Bridge as the underdog. Should you bet on a home victory for the Blues in the DNB option, the sports betting odds are between 1.97 and 2.12. If you bet on a victory for Liverpool and secure yourself with a DNB bet, you have odds of 1.72 to 1.85. Our betting tip: Liverpool is one step ahead of the blues and the quality this season is gigantic. With a perfect league so far, Liverpool will not lose this game again. Despite this, Chelsea are almost equally strong, so we consider a DNB bet to be on the safe side.

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