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Betting Tip Premier League Burnley FC vs. Chelsea FC

Another Premier League treat is waiting for you. Burnley is expecting Chelsea and theoretically it is still possible for Burnley to pass Chelsea and play international next year. In our betting tip we believe in the mental strength of the home team even though the oddsmaker are tending to Chelsea.

In our betting tip we expect the underdog to win the game.

Burnley with impressive winning streak – Underdog according to the odds

Certainly, it is only the second league for Burnley but they can already achieve something outstanding. The Clarets could still play international next year. In order to do that, they will have to get a three-pointer against the Blues. Currently, the gap is eight points but a win for Burnley also means a loss of Chelsea and the gap would decrease to five. Important to consider is the fact that the home team is on a roll with five consecutive wins. The key factor here is the defense: only 29 goals against after having played 33 games in total is impressive. Therefore, the defense is better than Chelsea’s defense. Even though the Clarets are only the underdog according to the oddsmaker we would still believe in a home win in our betting tip.

Chelsea played weak second half of the season – Slight fancied team by the oddsmaker

Unbelievable, but the fight about the international seats can still be exciting. Only three out of the last nine league games were won. Therefore, they slipped back in the standings. Chelsea can not rely on their eight-point head start in the final stage of the Premier League over Burnley and has to stay focused. The latest performance is not the best to get into the last stretch of the league. A close win against Southampton and the weak defense leads to the question whether the eight-point lead will be enough. Speaking of the defense, they have allowed six goals in only three league games.

Betting Tip Burnley vs. Chelsea

The odds are not fitting to the latest trend of Burnley. They start with betting odds reaching from 3.50 to 4.10 into the game. The Blues are the fancied team according to the oddsmaker and the odds favoring Chelsea are between 1.94 and 2.08. In case of a draw the odds are varying from 3.20 to 3.50. In our betting tip we expect the underdog to win the game due to their latest winning streak and the unstable performance of the Blues.

Here you can find the odds Burnley vs. Chelsea.