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Betting Tip Premier League Arsenal London vs. Tottenham Hotspur

One of the best things about the Premier League is that there are many top teams who clash on a regular basis. Therefore, at least one top duel is always going down. This time we can prepare ourselves for the match between Arsenal London and Tottenham Hotspur. Both teams have started with a win into the new season but have also showed that they are not perfect. In our betting tip, we see that both teams are competing on eye-level and expect a draw.

In our betting tip, we expect a draw.

Arsenal with two consecutive wins at start – Draw in our betting tip

Emery and his teammates were able to celebrate an awesome start into the new season. The first two games were easily won against Newcastle and Burnley. However, then they had to face Liverpool in an away game. Surely that was not easy and until the very end Liverpool dominated the game. The only goal in favour of Arsenal was scored towards the end in the 85th minute by Torreira. We can conclude from this that Arsenal still knows how to win games and already brought home points but while playing against the big boys, they showed their weaknesses also. The upcoming game is a home game and they are currently in third place. Which ultimately leads us to the betting tip in which we favour neither of the teams and expect a draw.

Tottenham already experienced all outcomings – Draw in our betting tip

Just like Arsenal, a home game against Aston Villa was an amazing start into the season. But next up was Manchester City who started into the game with a lot of confidence. Nevertheless, Tottenham always knew how to answer after a goal against. Interestingly, Manchester had almost ¾ of the time the ball and shot more than three times as much onto the goal and had over 6 times more corner kicks. This is what experts call efficiency when thinking of Tottenham. We have to say that the outcoming was a bit lucky but sometimes that’s all you need in football. However, instead of getting a boost from this, they had to accept a defeat against Newcastle in the very next game. Therefore, they already got a loss, a draw and a win in only three games. How does the next game end? We expect a draw.

Betting Tip Arsenal London vs. Tottenham Hotspur

A win of Arsenal London will be rewarded by the oddsmaker with odds between 2.20 and 2.40. Tottenham, on the other hand, starts with betting odds between 2.90 and 3.04 into the game. A draw has a pay-out between 3.50 and 3.80. In our betting tip we expect a draw to happen, due to the fact that both teams have started well into the league but are now not yet at their best.

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