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Betting Tip NHL Edmonton Oilers vs. Nashville Predators

The next NHL game is starring two big ice-hockey teams. The Edmonton Oilers are expecting the Nashville Predators. The Oilers were able to win their last game, but the Predators is the fancied team in the betting tip. The game will start on Friday at 3 am CET in Rogers Place.

Are only the underdogs: Edmonton Oilers.

Oilers only the underdog in the betting tip

The home team can not be satisfied with their season so far. Only second last place in the Western Conference is a poor result. 15 games were lost out of 29 games. The home team needs improvement. Another positive point to mention is that the Oilers were able to win against Montreal with a score of 6:2. Edmonton wants to continue with their winning streak and beat the Nashville Predators in the upcoming clash. Unfortunately, Nashville is playing a decent season so far. Therefore, we expect the Oilers to lose.

Nashville wants to make up their latest loss – Fancied team

Different to the situation in Edmonton is the one of the Nashville Predators. A decent season and 14 wins out of 29 games resulting in 2nd place of the Western Conference can be more than satisfying. Nashville wants to stay in that position and need a win to do so. Only seven games were lost, one of them was their latest game against Vegas with a score of 3:4. In our betting tip we expect a win of Nashville due to their impressive season.

Betting tip Edmonton Oilers vs. Nashville Predators

By only respecting the ranking of the teams the winner might already be settled. Nashville is the clear favorite. The only point favoring the Oilers might be the streaks of the two teams. In our betting tip we expect a win of Nashville. The Oilers are starting with odds reaching from 2.57 to 2.70 into the game. The Predators have odds between 2.55 and 2.70. In case the game ends in a draw odds between 3.95 and 4.00 are available.

Here are the odds Oilers vs. Nashville.