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Betting Tip NHL Vegas Golden Knights vs. Arizona Coyotes

Welcome to a sport which usually only gets mentioned less frequently: Ice Hockey! The NHL is starring a face-off between the Vegas Golden Knights and the Arizona Coyotes. The new formed Knights are setting new records this season and are also the fancied team in our betting tip.

In our betting tip we expect Vegas to win.

Vegas Knights are mixing up the NHL – New franchise is the fancied team

Before the season started the critics thought that the Knights will not stand a chance in the NHL. The expansion team which was formed of substitute players from other teams is now rolling over the NHL. Currently they have the 5th best record of the league. The best-known player is goalie Fleury. He is an outstanding player and with a total of 93% he is the 2nd best goalkeeper when it comes to blocked shots. In addition to that, the offense of Vegas is doing great as well. The Knights are scoring the 3rd most goals each game even though only one player is in the top 30 of all top-scorers in the NHL. Moreover, the team from Nevada won all four direct match-up’s against Arizona. Perfect preconditions for Vegas to win the upcoming clash.

Arizona only 2nd last in the NHL – Clear underdog

And again, Arizona is considered one of the weakest teams of the NHL. The Coyotes ended their 2nd-last season with the 24th place and their last one with the 3rd last place. Currently, the future does not seem to be very bright for Arizona since they are in 28th place. The biggest problem seems to be the offense. Only 186 goals in total makes them the 2nd last team. The goal made/goal allowed difference increased now to -55 goals. In addition to that, the team from Arizona had never won a game against Vegas this season. Therefore, we can only think of the Coyotes to lose the upcoming clash against the Knights.

Betting Tip Vegas Golden Knights vs. Arizona Coyotes

The odds in favor of Vegas are between 1.65 and 1.66. A draw, as well as a win of the Arizona Coyotes, would pay out between 4.65 and 4.50. In our betting tip, however, we expect a win of the Knights due to their direct match-ups and their current stats.

Here you can find the odds Vegas vs. Arizona.