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Betting Tip NBA Los Angeles Lakers vs. Chicago Bulls

Without Lebron James, the Lakers are not getting started this season. However, a win against the Bulls should be possible without the King. In our betting tip, we expect a win of Los Angeles. Not only because Chicago has the worst offense of the NBA. The game will take place on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday.

In our betting tip, we expect a win of LA.

Lakers playing well this season – Fancied team

If the king was back, this bet would be settled for sure. But even without James, a win is highly likely. To be honest, LA is not the best team in the league, but they are playing decent ball. Moreover, they are dominating their opponents in every statistic. Even without Lebron, the team from LA got two wins out of the last three games. Among other things, Kuzma and Ingram have recently been able to compensate for the superstar’s defection. Ultimately, there is only one possible option in the betting tip and that is the solid victory of the Lakers.

Bulls left for dead at the bottom of the standings – Clear underdog in the betting tip

The Chicago Bulls are everything this season, just not a team worth seeing. Change of coach, chaos in the team, poor performance and little hope for improvement. The record of 10:33 speaks volumes and the only 100 points per game are making them the worst of the entire NBA. After Cleveland, the Bulls have the worst record of the Association and the 2:8 wins from the last ten games make little courage for a possible improvement. In addition, there are the third worst team when it comes to assists and third least in terms of rebounds per game. All in all, there are a lot of indicators that allow us to bet against them in our betting tip.

Betting Tip Los Angeles Lakers vs. Chicago Bulls

A win in favor of the Lakers comes with odds between 1.30 to 1.37. Chicago, on the other hand, has odds reaching from 3.15 to 3.40. The Bulls are the clear underdog. They earn the fewest points, play little assists, rebound badly and are at the bottom of the NBA and a lot of other categories. Furthermore, it is not excluded that the King returns to the place, which would lead to an even clearer result in the betting tip. Therefore, we are counting on a victory for the Lakers.

Here you can find the odds Los Angeles Lakers vs. Chicago Bulls.