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Betting Tip La Liga FC Barcelona vs. Atletico Madrid

Finally, the ball is rolling again in Europe. France has already stopped the league but Germany, Italy and now even Spain are back in business. And now there is a real treat waiting for us! Barcelona is facing Atletico Madrid in an interesting match. Barca has the same amount of points as the first-placed team, Real Madrid, and need a win desperately. The odds are tempting, and we expect a division of points in our betting tip.

In our betting tip, we expect a draw.

Barcelona on eye-level – Division of points likely

Barcelona is happy to be back at it again. They are currently in 2nd place with a total of 68 points in the La Liga. The team in first is Real Madrid and is just a couple of goals away. Barca has had a good run lately and is undefeated since 5 games. They were also able to win four out of the last five games including games against Sevilla who are up top as well. The last games between these two contestants have always been intense. Four draws have happened in the last eight games. It seems highly likely that we will have a similar result this time as well. Home field advantage is not really apparent in these times of Corona anymore. Therefore, Barca is not really gaining an advantage from this either. A draw seems likely.

Atletico Madrid in 3rd place – Draw comes with tempting odds

Atletico Madrid is currently in 3rd place with a total of 55 points. They are right behind the upcoming opponent from Catalonia, but 13 points are between them and Barca. A look behind them is much more frightening: Sevilla is only two points away and Getafe is six points away. To take home points is highly important for Atletico. When taking a look at the last couple of games is pretty satisfying as well. Exactly like Barca, they have been able to win four out of the last five games and opponents like Liverpool did not stand a chance either. The odds are really tempting in case of a draw and when looking at the last couple of direct matches we can recommend a tie in our betting tip.

Betting Tip Barcelona vs. Atletico Madrid

The odds of the home team are ranging from 1.70 to 1.97. A draw comes with odds between 3.30 and 3.75. Atletico is only the underdog with odds between 4.20 and 4.40. In our betting tip, we can only expect a draw due to the latest trend of both teams and the direct matches between them. The odds are also highly tempting as well.

Here you can find the odds Barca vs. Atletico.