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Betting Tip International Friendly USA vs. Chile

While some teams are preparing themselves in the qualification for the Euro 2020, other teams are thinking about the Copa America. Just like the two next contestants which are part of the interesting tournament in America. This time, Chile and the U.S. are clashing in an international friendly. The betting tip leads to the assumption that the game will end in a draw.

In our betting tip, we expect a draw.

USA with higher combined market value – Draw in our betting tip

Three major names could be known to most of the soccer fans of the Bundesliga: Pulisic, Brooks, and McKennie. Other than that, the players are not too popular. A quick look at the last three games shows three wins in a row, even if, teams like Panama were the opponents. However, it is a good start for coach Berhalter, who seems to rely on a good mix of talent and experienced players. After the recent three games each ended with a win without conceded a goal against, now Chile is waiting with an offensive-oriented team, which relies on much more experience in the squad. In the end, two teams seem to be playing at eye level, so we are counting on a draw.

Chile prepares for Copa – Experienced squad gets a draw in the betting tip

Although the Chileans, like the United States, missed the participation of the World Cup, both are waiting for the next big event this summer. The Copa America is around the corner, and coach Rueda will probably send an extremely experienced team into the race. The average age of the Chileans is 27.1 years and again many familiar faces are present. Among other things, Vidal, Aranguiz, and Medel are back in the squad and want to start off well. However, against Mexico, it was not enough for a victory, so it needs some improvements to defeat the United States. In the betting tip, we do not expect a victory, but a performance increase is enough for a draw.

Betting Tip USA vs. Chile

The United States starts with betting odds between 2.35 and 2.60. Should Chile get away with a win, you can find sports betting odds of 2.60 to 3.00. If both nations split with a division of points, the bookmakers’ odds are between 3.20 and 3.40. Our betting tip: It is going to be a friendly match in which two similarly strong nations meet. One focuses more on the offspring, while the other nation has the experience and the Copa in mind. We do not expect a winner and recommend a draw.

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