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Betting Tip International Friendly Match Spain vs. Argentina

Another great game is about to start featuring Spain and Argentina. Both teams have players in their squad who could make the difference in the World Cup 2018. In our betting tip we expect a game on eyelevel. However, Spain is the fancied team in the upcoming clash. The game will start on Tuesday at 9:30 PM CET in the Wanda Metropolitano.

Morata with the ball

Betting Tip: We expect a win of Spain.

Spain wants to demonstrate their strength in the upcoming cup – Fancied team

Spain is star-studded. Big names are playing at major clubs all around the world and are often one of the best players in their individual club. Unfortunately, Spain did not manage to form those well playing individuals into a whole team and unit during the last two big tournaments. The Europe Cup ended for Spain in the round of 16. Back in 2014, Spain did not pass the group stage. All this shall be changed this year. A new coach and a new tournament are the best reasons for improvement. The preparation starts with a big team from South America: Argentina. In our betting tip, due to the home field advantage, Spain is the fancied team.

Argentina one of the hottest candidate for the World Cup title – Underdog in the betting tip

The big teams from the top of the standings are not trying to rest and play against smaller teams. Instead, they choose to play against direct rivals in order to adjust to the big teams in the World Cup in Russia. Both teams are star-studded and different philosophy’s will clash during the tournament. In order to get used to those opponents, Argentina choosed to play against Spain. Argentina is known for delivering in those big tournaments even though they might have a weaker team or statistic on paper. Nevertheless, the home field advantage speaks in favor of Spain and, therefore, we expect Argentina to lose this friendly.

Betting Tip Spain vs. Argentina

The last few days have been like a treat for us. Many big names and teams are coming together to compete against each other. This Tuesday, it will be Spain vs. Argentina. Spain is the fancied team with betting odds reaching from 2.00 to 2.12. In case of a draw the odds are between 3.60 and 3.92. If Argentina pulls out a win the oddsmaker decided on odds reaching from 3.60 to 3.92. In our betting tip we expect Spain to win due to their home field advantage and their star-studded squad. Nevertheless, the game will be highly intense and exciting to watch.

Here you can find the odds Spain vs. Argentina.