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Betting Tip Friendly Match Homburg vs. Eintracht Frankfurt

Eintracht Frankfurt and Homburg both have done an incredible season. Unfortunately, none of them were doing the best they imagined and had to lower the bar of expectations. Nevertheless, these two teams are now clinching in a friendly in order to test some things out. In our betting tip, we do not want to bet on a winner but on many goals in general on both sides.

In our betting tip, we expect a game with a lot of goals.

Homburg finished 3rd in the Regionalliga – More than 2.5 goals in the betting tip

Homburg managed to get on to the podium in last year’s season in the Regionalliga Southwest. After a strong start into the season and a short intermediate low, the Homburger were able to reach the 3rd place at the end of an exciting season with the help of a good defense. Looking back on the final stretch, many games with more than 2.5 hits can be identified. Four out of the past six league games included at least three hits. Even though the gap between Regionalliga and Bundesliga is quite huge, we cannot forget that Frankfurt will not start with their A-team. Since the encounter is also a friendly match, it is worth the bet to go with more than 2.5 goals.

Frankfurt gets ready for the upcoming season – At least three hits in the betting tip

The last season was certainly an extremely turbulent one. Eintracht occasionally caused a sensation in the Bundesliga. Even better, however, were they in the Europa League. Even though coach Huetter and his players had to say goodbye to Chelsea in the semifinals. Impressive was the offensive power of the Hessians. Finally, due to the high double burden at the end, they seemed quite a bit exhausted, but the season can still be booked as a success. Speaking of the team next year and the trades so far, Frankfurt will have a huge impact on next year’s season. In the betting tip, we do not want to determine a winner mainly due to the friendly game but instead, bet on a game with at least 3 goals.

Betting Tip Homburg vs. Eintracht Frankfurt

As already mentioned, we do not necessarily want to commit ourselves to a winner in a friendly match. Instead, we favor a tip over 2.5 goals. Although there are currently no fixed odds, we can still expect this to be an exciting bet. In addition, due to the high-class difference and the many changes in the friendly match, a lot can happen. Therefore, we bet on at least three hits and provide the odds as soon as possible.