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Betting Tip Champions League Manchester City vs. RB Leipzig

The Bundesliga is already in full swing but some of the top teams there have another big thing that is about to start. While Munich and Wolfsburg already start a day earlier, Dortmund and Leipzig have to play on Wednesday against their opponents in the first game of the group stage in the Champions League. We want to focus on the game between Manchester City and RB Leipzig in this article. Therefore, we expect, in our betting tip, a win of City.

We expect a loss of RB in our betting tip.

Manchester City on a winning streak – Fancied team

Manchester City has done a lot over the years. They won the Premier League last year by 12 points to their pursuers. The first game was not good. Against Tottenham, they suffered a close 0:1 loss. Sure, they controlled the ball for 2/3 of the time and had more shots on target but that doesn’t matter if Son decides to shoot that ball into the net in the 55th minute. They were not happy at all but needed to quickly get back on their feet because the next team was Norwich. Losing to them would be a disaster. Nevertheless, they destroyed Norwich with 5:0. Arsenal was up next and even though they are not exactly what they used to be, the 5:0 win over them was astonishing to watch. Another win against Leicester rounds up their current winning streak which puts them in great shape for the game against Leipzig.

Leipzig with disastrous start – Loss expected

RB was the runner-up of the Bundesliga last season. Even though they were miles away to conquer the Bundesliga altogether, they never fail to impress with what they have done over the years. Obviously, after making it to 2nd place, they now want to kick the record champion off the top of the winners’ podium. However, in order to do that, they need to get hot out of the gate in the Bundesliga. If we now take a look at these, we can see that they have done anything but impressing. During the first game, they lost to Mainz which was surprising to many. Even though fans thought that the performance curve was pointing upwards from there on after winning to Stuttgart with 4:0, they were soon disappointed when league leader Wolfsburg crushed them with 1:0. Unfortunately, the game against Bayern ended in a loss as well.

Betting Tip City vs. RB

Manchester starts with odds reaching from 1.28 to 1.31. In the event of a draw, the odds are between 5.50 and 6.00. If the German team can take the three points at home, odds from 9.00 to 11.00 are waiting. In our betting tip, we expect a win of Manchester who have a way better performance curve than Leipzig and are undoubtedly the better team according to the squad alone.

Here you can find the odds ManCity vs. Leipzig.