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Betting Tip Bundesliga VfL Wolfsburg vs. Holstein Kiel

The Bundesliga season is officially over, but not all teams are quite done yet. The question about the remaining last place for the Bundesliga is still not settled. VfL Wolfsburg is now fighting against the third-placed team from the second Bundesliga, Holstein Kiel. In our betting tip, we expect Wolfsburg to win the first leg game. The game will start at 8:30 PM CET in the VW Arena.

In our betting tip, we see Kiel as the slight underdog in the upcoming clash against Wolfsburg.

Wolfsburg needs to play smart – Fancied team

Last year Wolfsburg had to play against Eintracht Braunschweig in the same fight about the remaining place in the Bundesliga. The Wolves had many things to work on in order to not land on the third last place again. Unfortunately, it did not work out as planned. The transfer of the top offensive player, Mario Gomez during the winter break did not help the offense to be even more aggressive in the offense. The last game of the Bundesliga was important for them to not automatically relegate into the second highest German league. If they can take the willpower from the last game and perform that well on the field it will be hard for their opponents to win. Important will be that the defense does their job well because Kiel is known for their strong offense. Jung, Mehmedi, Tisserand and Osimhen are going to be missed. Verhaegh, Didavi and Camacho are still listed as questionable.

Kiel with strong offense – Value profit available

Holstein Kiel had different aims and goals when the season first started. They just made it from the third into the second league and wanted to stay there and not relegate back again. During almost all of the gamedays, Kiel was in third place. Holstein is full of self-confidence and deeply want to reach the Bundesliga. A key factor could be the strong offense of Kiel. They are having the second-best offense of the league with a total of 71 goals out of 34 games. Due to the fact that the first game is an away match, they want to get in the lead first in order to be able to control Wolfsburg on home field. We expect a close game, but we still expect a close loss of Kiel. The medical staff seems to do an amazing job since all players are healthy and ready to go.

Betting Tip Wolfsburg vs. Kiel

Wolfsburg is the fancied team according to the oddsmaker and starts with odds reaching from 1.80 to 1.99 into the game. Holstein Kiel is the underdog with odds between 3.80 and 4.52 including a 2.20% value profit. In case of a draw, the odds are varying from 3.20 to 3.60. In our betting tip, we expect a close game, but the winner will be the team from Lower Saxony. The quality and the combined market value are the main reasons for us to come to that conclusion.

Here you can find the odds Wolfsburg vs. Kiel.