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Betting Tip Bundesliga Preview Long-Term Odds

The last season was amazing. Interesting games happened, and big names competed against each other. Interestingly, many decisions, such as who wins the title, were only made in the very end of the season. This gave a little taste to the upcoming season. Who wins the title this year? Who manages to get a ticket for the international business? This and more will be considered in the upcoming betting tip.

Suele against Alcacer

In our betting tip, we expect a close race of these two.

Flashback to the last season – Excitement of last year brings tension to the next

The last game day was full of emotions, decisions and the gap between tears of joy and tears of sadness were very close to each other. The German Record Champion, Bayern Munich, was vulnerable and let the option of getting knocked down of the throne by Dortmund open to the very end. However, the black and yellow failed in the end, but there is hope for another interesting championship race. But this is far from the entire tension of the last season played. In addition to the championship race, the fight for Europe was amazing, too. Despite many good performances, Werder and Hoffenheim did not get in. Also, not too bad was the relegation battle, after 34 matchdays Nuremberg, Hannover, and Stuttgart had to accept the relegation. In the betting tip for the new season, we also put on thrills.

First look at the new season – Who are the favorites for the championship?

Dortmund has to be named here, at least the summer break indicated high performances. After missing only two points in the last year, Borussia saw their chance and attacked in the transfer market. Well-known names were finally able to be acquired Hummels, the Gladbacher Hazard, Nico Schulz, and Julian Brandt. This provides for changes in the long-term rates. Dortmund is right behind Bayern, while behind the two obvious title contenders a small gap occurs. First pursuers on the duo are Leipzig and Leverkusen. At the other end of the table are for the bookmakers primarily the promoted team from Berlin and Paderborn to find. At least under the guise of betting odds, the well-known team from Freiburg and Augsburg join them. What does this odds distribution mean for our betting tip?

First betting tip for the new season

The upcoming Bundesliga season could provide a lot of drama and joy. Bayern seems to have lost their lead a little bit. Kovac and Co. missed it to provide the necessary depth and of course, the Supercup provides further topic of conversation. In addition to these two, however, other teams have great ambitions. For example, Leverkusen will be impressive, as well as the red bulls from Leipzig, who brought again young blood into the squad. Finally, a betting tip on the BVB is the best option, because the betting odds to 5.50 are much more attractive than those of the FCB and Borussia has proven that they can deliver throughout the season.

Here are the long-term ratings for the new season of the Bundesliga.