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Betting Tip U21 European Championship 2019 Germany vs. Romania

The German selection made it to the semifinals of the U21 Europe Cup and is now facing the selection of Romania. Both teams qualified for the semi-finals without a loss. Also, they both ended the group stage with a draw. In our betting tip, we expect a win of Germany. The game will kick off […more]

Betting Tip Copa America Chile vs. Uruguay

Copa America: Well, the leagues are done with for this season and football fans are counting the days till they can see their favorite players once again. Luckily, there are some other cups going down right now such as the Women’s World Cup in France and the U21 European Cup in Italy and San Marino. […more]

Betting Tip U21 European Championship 2019 Germany vs. Serbia

Right now, in Italy and San Marino, the Europe Cup of the U-21 teams is happening. Germany is the reigning champion and will not back down easily. The team arrived in the South with great expectations. They were able to get the first win in their first game. However, in their second group stage game, […more]

Betting Tip U21 European Championship 2019 England vs. France

The U21 tournament has already started. Some interesting teams are competing and one of those teams is France. Furthermore, the selection of England is doing quite well, too. These two clashes in an exciting match. Nevertheless, in our betting tip, we expect a draw to happen, since both teams are competing on eye-level. France with […more]

Betting Tip U21 European Championship 2019 Germany vs. Denmark

It is time to talk about the U21 European Championship which is going down right now. An interesting clash is going to be the young selection of Germany and Denmark. Coach Stefan Kuntz and his team is the current U21 European champion and also has to deal with the role of the fancied team during […more]

Betting Tip MLB Chicago White Sox vs. New York Yankees

The summer break of the big king of Sports, Football, is all throughout Europe and other sports are now in the foreground for all of the sports lovers out there. The MLB is taking place right now and another clash of the Chicago White Sox and the New York Yankees is going down. The two […more]

Betting Tip UEFA Euro 2020 Qualifying Germany vs. Estonia

Champions League and the national leagues are just over but the football is not done yet. The qualification for the Europa Cup is happening and Germany is facing a few little obstacles. Well, impressive was the win over the Netherlands and the opponent on the 8th is called Belarus. Up next, however, is Estonia. At […more]

Betting Tip UEFA Euro 2020 Qualifying Belarus vs. Germany

The summer break is all across Europe, but the Europe Cup qualification is currently going down. Germany is facing Belarus in a fight in which the two cannot be more different. Germany is currently changing things up but is like always strong no matter who is on the pitch. In our betting tip, it is […more]

Betting Tip NBA Golden State Warriors vs. Toronto Raptors

Game one and game two are history of the NBA final. After starting extremely well into the matchup for Toronto, Golden State managed to win the 2nd clash. The next game will be the first home game for Golden State after having played on Raptors court two times. The home court advantage will lead to […more]